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7 Outstanding Power Dressing Ideas For Working Women

7 Outstanding Power Dressing Ideas For Working Women

Hello, Sunshines!

In this blog post, I will be talking about Power Dressing for women and how you can incorporate some power dressing styles in your office wear to look the perfect boss lady! 😊

First of all, what is Power Dressing?

According to Wikipedia, “Power Dressing is a fashion style that enables women to establish their authority in a professional and political environment traditionally dominated by men.”

But for me its more of dressing comfortably and smartly by showcasing your own unique style. Plus, you should feel confident in what you are wearing as it certainly reflects in your body language.

However, you should always remember to dress yourself according to the industry you are working in.

Some rules for power dressing are:

  • Well-fitted attire, which is neither too tight nor too loose.
  • The fabric of your office-wear should be rich and of good quality.
  • Incorporate those colors in your power-dressing wardrobe which complements you.
  • If you are using bold colors, then balance them out with neutral shades.
  • Choose footwear which are classy and in which you feel comfortable.
  • Use statement accessories to accentuate your looks but refrain from overdoing it.
  • Do subtle make-up.

For Power Dressing, you can choose anything from Western to Indian formals. It should be based on your personal style preference.

Here are some of the outstanding Power Dressing ideas for women:

  1. Trousers With Feminine Shirts And Tops

women wearing shirts and trousers to office

This is the most basic outfit you can wear to your office. Pair up a different type of trousers with shirts and tops of your choice but choose the necklines which are not funky or too casual. The key here is to keep your outfit simple yet stylish. So, experiment with different color combinations without any fear.

  1. Simple Kurtas With Trousers Or Leggings

women wearing kurtas to office

This outfit is certainly a no-brainer. Wearing kurtas to the office is so comfy and elegant. Pair them up with straight pants or trousers or soft leggings, whichever you prefer. You can also accessorize this outfit with some delicate and dainty neckpieces to make it more graceful.

  1. Suit Up To Flaunt Your Inner Diva

women wearing power dressing suits and blazers to office

Suits must be your wardrobe staples if you want to display your power dressing skills. They are chic and sophisticated and comes in many variations and styles. So, you can definitely find one which is suitable for your body type. Plus, you can always mix and match them separately with other garments or even go for a head-to-toe monotone look.

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  1. You Can Never Go Wrong With A Beautiful Saree

women wearing sarees to office

Sarees are without a doubt most classy, graceful and diverse outfit which anyone can don easily and hassle-free. But remember to choose an office-appropriate design and fabric like cotton and khadi. Also, keep in mind to choose an elegant neckline and sleeves for your blouses. Pair it up with minimalistic jewelry and subtle makeup.

  1. Skirts With Blouses And Tops

women wearing skirts to office

This is one of the statement looks which makes for a good power dressing office wear. You can pair skirts with different types of blouses, shirts, and tops and play with different color combinations. Also, you can layer them up with a blazer or shrug for a more suave look. But keep the length of your skirts up to your knee or more than that to look flawless.

  1. Stylish Jackets For An Indo-Western Look

women wearing khadi jackets to office

If you want to show off a look which is a mix of Indian and Western attires then this is the perfect choice for you. Team up a simple kurta or a shirt or your blouse with a nice khadi jacket or waistcoat to complete a fine and smart look. This combo is refreshing and unique.

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  1. Dresses All The Way

women wearing power dresses to office

If you are comfortable with wearing one-piece dresses to the office then this style is definitely for you. But again, choose your fabric, length and pattern cautiously. Stripes and plaids are just perfect for power dressing outfits. You can also add color to your attire by choosing the right accessories, handbags, and footwear.


So, there you go! These are the best styles which you can incorporate in your office-wear wardrobe. Choose the outfit that reflects your personality and always be confident!

Leave a comment below to tell me which is your favorite Power Dressing style and why?


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